Libby's intuitive tarot readings are fantastic. The readings are always in-depth, empowering and offer direction and clarity.  Libby always spends the time to explain the reading and any follow up questions you have. Highly recommended! -- Kate C. Sydney, Australia

Libby has a facility with the languages of both the tarot and day-to-day life. Her sharp intuition, friendly approach, and intelligence make her a gifted tarot reader -- one who listens closely to your questions and sends you back into the world clear-eyed, with a sense of purpose. --Amanda N. Brooklyn, New York

I've experienced several readings with Libby and found her detail to be very realistic to my situation. I've been using tarot services for over 7 years. Libby is one of few individuals that read for me that tapped into explicit detail about my question. I felt as if she was communicating daily with me. Libby was able to put my mind at ease and did not give me a false sense of hope. She read in the moment, provided honest feedback and empowered me. I would definitely come back for a reading.-- Rita B. Chicago, IL

I highly recommend getting a tarot card reading with Libby. She made me feel at ease, welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. The reading was spot on. And she also gives guidance and the guidance I got was what I needed. It's been helpful in my life. Libby’s readings are simple, exquisite, clear and to the point. Her intuition is deep and she is connected to the person she's reading for. And it was fun being with her and spending time with her. Her energy is very loving kind and supportive. A gift to be around.--Hadia H. Los Angeles, CA

Having a reading done with Libby was ideal for me because I was looking for which direction to focus my own energy and intuition.  Her advice is sound, and encouraging.  She was able to help me pinpoint which areas of my life needed adjustment in order to follow a more positive path.  It took some time for me to harness my positive energy, and make decisions that were right for me; however, she was there for more on several occasions reassuring me that I was taking the right steps toward a better future. - Amy M.  Toms River, NJ

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but after reviewing Libby's reply emails to me after my reading and the fact that she was so spot on about many of the issues I needed addressed, I became a fast believer!  I was very impressed with how she explained each card to me, what it meant and how it's presence affected me.  She provided a lengthy explanation of her findings, done in a very easy to understand manner.  I have recommended Libby to many of my friends and would not hesitate to contact her again for her insight and help. -T.O. Forked River, NJ